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A tourist complex with apartments, similar to the one in Cervar-Porat, has been built in Barbariga.A tourist village on the Barbariga peninsula (Punta Cissana, after the lost ancient settlement of Cissa) is located on the south-western coast of Istria, 22 km southwest of Pula. Chief occupations include farming (olives), fishing and tourism. A regional road connects Barbariga with Peroj.

The remains of a Roman summer mansion from the 1st century have been found on the coast. The floors of the mansion were adorned with mosaics of two or more colours, while its walls were adorned with frescoes with vegetal and figural decorations.

In the neighbourhood of the villa is located the remainder of the oil pressing plant and remainder of reservoir. This tourist complex with apartments was built in the same style as Cervar-Porar.

Stand of pine-trees are around the complex. The archaeological complex Betika is located on the north-west from Bargariga and is the one of the biggest in Istria. There are the remainders of roman’s summer villa, early Christian church St. Agnes and monastery of St. Andrew. The monastery has the chapel from the beginning of 5th century, which is decorate with mosaic and it was abandoned in the 13th century.
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